5 Reasons to Buy Art Prints

In this article, we share 5 reasons to buy art prints (also known as reproductions). Buying prints of artwork can result in walls at home full of beauty.

As professional artists, we used to do all original paintings and etchings. Our fine art would include scenes of towns, abstracts, ocean art, horse art, beach paintings, and more. Then we realized that many people didn’t have the budget to buy an original artwork. In addition, the price range to buy a gift may not be as much as buying for your own home.

The 5 Reasons We Recommend Buying Art Prints

  1. With a print, you’re getting a reproduction of the original artwork which is usually more affordable. It can look almost the same but without the higher price tag.
  2. Often art prints are known as digital art. With digital art, you know the prints of artworks are often available if you need to get one for a friend as an art gift.
  3. Wall prints can come in a number of sizes so that with all of the painting reproductions you choose to buy, they can easily go in the same room at consistent sizes.
  4. With prints of artwork, you have the opportunity to buy affordable art prints that you may not otherwise buy. In other words, buying a painting at $300 may seem daunting on a whim but a $30-50 print can be an easier opportunity.
  5. With art reproductions, you can usually buy matted art. Then with these prints for frames, you can choose the frame and glass type you want.

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